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Irving was the first American writer who stood high enough to be seen across the water. Thackeray's most beautiful essay is on Irving and Macaulay, who died just one month apart. In it he describes Irving as the best intermediary between the nations, telling us Americans that the English are still human, and assuring the English that Americans are already human. Irving was trained early and thoroughly in the Bible. All his life he was an old-fashioned Episcopalian with no concern for new religious ideas and with no rough edges anywhere. Charles Dudley Warner, speaking of Irving's moral quality, says: "I cannot bring myself to exclude it from a literary estimate, even in the face of the current gospel of art for art's sake." 14 Like Scott, he "recognized the abiding value in literature of integrity, sincerity, purity, charity, faith. These are beneficences, and Irving's literature, walk around it and measure it by whatever critical instruments you will, is a beneficent literature."

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There are a significant number of overviews of Old English literature principally published as companions, handbooks, and histories in the last twenty years. Some of the earliest are still among the best, including , which is a valuable survey of both English and Latin literature up to 1100, and , a genre-based collection of essays by leading scholars at that time. These volumes are restricted to a rather narrow view of what constitutes Old English, focusing on prose from the Alfredian and Benedictine Reform periods and on the poetic corpus and barely including works produced after . 1020, but they can be supplemented with encyclopedic volumes such as . More recent collections have sought to address the somewhat narrow focus of earlier volumes and have treated Old and Middle English literature together (as “Medieval” properly should do) or have extended the treatment of Old English into the 12th century. Recent volumes have also been mindful of the multilingual nature of Anglo-Saxon England. The contributions in are arranged by genre but include analyses of the history of Old English literature up to the present day, while treats Old English in its broader literary and historical context, paying close attention to critical debate. provides case studies of close textual reading. includes themed essays that range across the period, bringing together Old and Middle English in some cases. investigates canonical texts from the period but also includes a chapter on how Old English has fared from the 12th to the 21st centuries.

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Old english literature critical essays

AP’s high school English Literature and Composition course is a rigorous, college-level class that provides an opportunity to gain skills colleges recognize. Recognizing the dramatic changes in Old English studies over the past generation, this up-to-date anthology gathers twenty-one outstanding contemporary critical. Critical essays on a variety of works of English literature. Recognizing the dramatic changes in Old English studies over the past generation, this up-to-date anthology gathers twenty-one outstanding contemporary critical. English Literature. English Literature essay at University. INDEPENDENCE AND CRITICAL READING The purpose of an essay is to develop and present your own.