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This is a must-read for allwho’d like to strengthen their connection to the Infinite Mind in orderto enjoy a free-flow of abundance, personal blessings, intuitiveknowledge and the strong sense of well-being that results from a solidconnection.

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Common memory issues that face people today include Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, and Stroke. The music that makes the foot tap, the fingers snap, and pulse quickens, stirs the brain at its most fundamental levels, suggesting that scientist one day will be able to retune damaged minds by exploiting rhythm, harmony, and melody. Music stimulates regions of the brain responsible for memory, motor control, timing and language. Music can stimulate parts of the brain that are underactive in these disorders and overtime the brain could be retrained in these disorders (Study Suggests Music May Someday Help Repair Brain). Music is a way of retooling a brain afflicted with a variety of emotional disorders along with neurological diseases. Recently Gabrielle Giffords used music therapy to help her learn to talk again. Giffords was a congress woman from Arizona who lived through a gunshot to the head, but sustained serious brain injuries. Music is represented in multiple parts of the brain, and allowing it accesses deeper pathways between neurons. Music helps the patient connect to the stored knowledge of words through songs, and helps create the new connections needed for speech. This is the process Giffords went through to regain her speech loss. This same process has been used for stroke victims, and has been referred to as the Kenny Rogers Effect (Sohn).

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Through most of history many philosophers found it inconceivable that cognition could be implemented by a physical substance such as brain tissue (that is neurons and synapses). , who thought extensively about mind-brain relationships, found it possible to explain reflexes and other simple behaviors in , although he did not believe that complex thought, and language in particular, could be explained by reference to the physical brain alone.

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The second section is a long essay on the mind/body problem. It's dry, repetitive, and it drove me nuts. She's synthesising a lot of information from various disciplines here, from the sciences to the humanities, and it's an admirable effort, but a lot of parts read like Philosophy 101 and some other parts are dense and complex and hard to engage with if you don't already have a working knowledge of neuroscience and a familiarity with the language of hard science. I'm guessing a lesser-known author would not have been allowed to get away with including this second section/essay, because a lot of the points here are pithily explained in the shorter essays in the third section, minus the repetitive dullness that plagues the monster essay.

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