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A fashion marketing campaign is developed for the purpose of taking care of the needs, wants, and demands of a particular set of consumers and which attains its objective by deploying an effective marketing mix altogether. A successful marketing campaign focuses on four factors considered to be effective when success in the industry is concerned. The four aspects include product development stage, for which the consumers are given the mandate to stipulate their respective needs. It should be noted that in the current market place, the consumers are perceived to be much aware of their needs and their rights, because the success in a marketing campaign depends entirely with the capability to tailor their needs altogether. The second aspect consists in the price cost, which is modified to suit the different market segmentations. The third factor is the distribution management which is considered as the main facet in determining the convenience and the availability of the product in the market at large. The fourth important factor instigates the modes used in communicating and promoting the product. In promotion products are perceived in terms of their respective image to defined set of buyers.

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Free Essay: First of all, a Essay about The Importance of Branding in Marketing; In the fashion industry, fashion brands are highly associated with branding.

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This assignment presents an extensive research into a fashion marketing, which became successful in its campaigning strategy.

.... With this idea ringing in our ears, it should be no mighty task to realize that The Fashion Channel should focus on the “highly valued 18-34 female demographic.” This demographic must certainly target the savvy Fashionistas as well as the organized Planners and eager Shoppers. Though they make up a small percentage of all the viewers, these are the beneficiaries of The Fashion Channel. They are most loyal and are most aware of the latest trends. The problem that I do see is that though The Fashion Channel is focusing on the 18-34 female demographic, there is a larger population of viewers in the 35-54 female demographic. On the other hand, CNN’s large audience comes from that age group in both genders. The solution? The Fashion Channel needs to create and find more shows that blend well with the 18-34 female demographic. If I were faced with these scenarios, I would have to choose the 3rd scenario. This advantage plan would increase their average ratings by 20%. Though they decrease their audience viewers by being so segmented, they increase their average CPM significantly which out-weighs the other options. This is clearly demonstrated in the table on page 3. Emotion Connection Thinking outside the box, I would like to propose a 4th solution to go along with the plan of the 3rd scenario. The Marketing department has stressed in creating an emotion connection to The Fashion Channel and so I can’t think of any other way than for the shows to come to them...

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This module builds on level 4 & 5 learning to look at the fashion industry within a global context. It covers global supply chains and retailing, international branding and marketing communications and strategic decisions made by international fashion retail businesses. The module covers the biggest challenges - financial, political, ethical and sustainable - facing global fashion business. It also provides an overview of the international business concepts, frameworks and theories that form an understanding of global fashion strategy.
Assessment will be made through group presentation, strategic group project, individual coursework and tutor moderated self reflection.This module enables students to analyse and critically discuss the global fashion marketing environment in the light of new consumer markets, new production possibilities and global communication methods. Assessments require students to explore issues with regards to ethics, corporate social responsibility and globalisation.The Fashion Project is an alternate core for both BA (Hons) Fashion Retail Management and BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing & Business Management programmes. The module is predicated on individual learning – encouraging students to become independent researchers with supervision support from specialists in the field. It is therefore essential that students select feasible fashion-based topics that are of personal interest to which they are able to apply relevant academic marketing or management theories, concepts and tools.This module offers an introduction to styling within fashion journalism and related industries, underpinned by an understanding of the relationship between the media and industry, surveying the cultural and global business issues which fashion journalists must understand. Merchandising and trend-spotting will be examined along with the role of the stylist in media and marketing.