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In the early chapters of "Fly Away Peter" we are introduced to a harmonic world. A different world of peace, and of togetherness. This feeling of unity is a strong bond, and it sets the scenery for the first quarter of the book. It is set in a swamp in Queensland, and it shows that people and nature are living together as one. Images of this perfect world are used to reinforce the point, so that when it changes, it will be more of a drastic change. The birds represent the natural order in a state of grace. Jim is known as a drifter, however Jim, has this constant struggle, to escape from the reputation that his father had. The question of what life means? Is brought up, and yet another contrast is made. Malouf feels humans dwell on that, where as animals, don't, they just continue their daily routine.

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The ensemble with the singers was impressive, not easy with your back to the stage! The frequent interweaving of the voices, particularly of the tenor and baritone, bring to mind similar moments of pathos in Britten’s War Requiem. While dramatic in its effect, Fly away Peter is a requiem to the fallen and damaged of the war.

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The question of human identity and our role within the universe has always been a source of great debate and much contemplation. The quest to discover the essence of our humanity is one of central concern in the novel Fly Away Peter by David Malouf. Through the central character s voyage of realisation, we are confronted with a deeply philosophical approach to the meaning of life and death. Whilst on the surface appearing very simplistic and straightforward, multiple themes are intertwined in the framework of the narrative. Jim Sadler s journey of self discovery provides a vehicle for the author to deliver his powerful messages portraying the transient nature of our existence. Specifically this is demonstrated through Jim s experiences in relation to the insignificance of individual life, the inevitability of death and the unstoppable movement of time. Fly Away Peter also explores the gender stereotype of the soldier and the influences of our experiences upon our sense of self, as Jim s military service essentially develops his inner consciousness.

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Fly Away Peter by David Malouf Essay Jim slowly loses his innocence and happiness as he finds himself surrounded by blood and his friends die one by one.

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Malouf s Fly Away Peter questions the role of the individual within the great and boundless universe by providing an insight into the human mind. Through the life and death of a central character, our purpose within the world is queried, attacking the very heart of our existence. The novelist portrays mankind as being unique presences, shaped by our relationships and experiences, but ultimately controlled and brought together by the eternal cycle of nature. The reader is left to contemplate these ideas, placing them in the context of their own lives. Life is, in itself, a voyage of self discovery, and through Jim s journey we come to better understand, and accept, death, gain increased awareness of the insignificance of individual life and are exposed to the transient nature of our existence.Malouf is the author of numerous works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and libretti. His books include Johnno; Fly Away Peter, which won the Age Book of the Year; The Great World, which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize; Remembering Babylon, which won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award; The Conversations at Curlow Creek, Ransom and Every Move You Make. His most recent books are the essay collections A First Place and The Writing Life, and the poetry collection Earth Hour.