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A reformation of Bakhtin’s grotesque realism is unavoidable because this theory was written to be applied for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance socio-cultural context. The etymology of the term “grotesque” reveals a strong connection to visual arts, but nevertheless in some studies on visual arts the “grotesque” is often only used as an adjective next to such words as abject, formless, realism. My aim was to propose a revised understanding of the notion via going back to where it comes from: to visual culture and more specifically to the perception of visual arts. Thus from the roles of grotesque in visual arts, I began focusing on a specific role detected in the perception of the grotesque.

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…the "darling, pink world," as she herself characterized it, that Sandra Dee was thought to inhabit by her fans had always been a grotesque mockery, plagued not by an overripened case of virginity but by childhood incest. The girl with brimming brown eyes and a fizzy lilt to her voice was born Alexandria Zuck in Bayonne, New Jersey. Her parents divorced when she was five; her father, a bus driver, disappeared from her life shortly thereafter, and her mother, Mary, married a much-older real-estate entrepreneur named Eugene Duvan within a few years. . . Worse yet, Dee's devoted but manipulative mother turned a conveniently blind eye to the defiled sexual appetites of her new husband. Duvan, who liked to tease his wife that he married her "just to get Sandy," started having sex with his beautiful stepdaughter when she was 8 and continued doing so almost until his death when she was 12.

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Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque is a collection of previously published short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1840

When Sherwood Anderson submitted his manuscript of Winesburg, Ohio to a publisher it had a different title; he had named it The Book of the Grotesque. Start studying grotesque essay. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Grotesque essaysIs there more grotesque written in or about southern literature? In this research paper, I will try to define and explain the reasons I see more.

With the debut of , Sherman secured her position in the New York art world, leading to her first solo show at the non-profit exhibition space, The Kitchen. Shortly after, she was commissioned to create a centerfold image for magazine. Photos of a pink-robe-clad Sherman were ultimately deemed too racy by editor Ingrid Sischy and rejected. There is no knowing whether a subsequent series shot from 1985 to 1989, , was in some sense a response to that act of rejection, but, notably, it is a much darker endeavor than its prettified predecessor. Its gloomy palette and scenes strewn with vomit and mold challenged viewers to find beauty in the ugly and the unqualified grotesque.This part of the scene after Hamlet's interview with the Ghost has been charged with an improbable eccentricity. But the truth is, that after the mind has been stretched beyond its usual pitch and tone, it must either sink into exhaustion and inanity, or seek relief by change. It is thus well known, that persons conversant in deeds of cruelty contrive to escape from conscience by connecting something of the ludicrous with them, and by inventing grotesque terms and a certain technical phraseology to disguise the horror of their practices. Indeed, paradoxical as it may appear, the terrible by a law of the human mind always touches on the verge of the ludicrous. Both arise from the perception of something out of the common order of things—something, in fact, out of its place; and if from this we can abstract danger, the uncommonness will alone remain, and the sense of the ridiculous be excited. The dose alliance of these opposites—they are not contraries— appears from the circumstance, that laughter is equally the expression of extreme anguish and horror as of joy: as there are tears of sorrow and tears of joy, so is there a laugh of terror and a laugh of merriment. These complex causes will naturally have produced in Hamlet the disposition to escape from his own feelings of the overwhelming and supernatural by a wild transition to the ludicrous, —a sort of cunning bravado, bordering on the flights of delirium. For you may, perhaps, observe that Hamlet's wildness is but half false; he plays that subtle trick of pretending to act only when he is very near really being what he acts.''As introduced above, I would like to go back to the roots of the grotesque in visual culture and there find out why it is important for the visual arts to preserve the grotesque. I start my investigation with the etymology of the word “grotesque”. Then I explore the idea of the grotesque as a border phenomenon and try to show the two sides of the border of grotesque, or in other words, to answer the question of Chaouli: “What is the boundary of this boundary violation?” (Chaouli 2003:48). One side of the border will be described as the life of the individual perceiving the grotesque in the artwork, the other side defined as art, while the border between them will be the sphere where the two are interconnected, where the one influences the other. This border is that which revitalises visual arts by reaching back to its roots rather than searching for answers in other discourses.