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This gloriously funny romp by Howard Hawks is rightly remembered as one of the fastest-talking movies ever made. Originally done as 'The Front Page', the play by Hecht and McArthur takes on new life here as the character of Hildy Johnson metamorphoses in this version to be a sparky woman (played by Rosalind Russell), former wife of the harassed columnist Walter Burns (played with characteristic bewilderment and charm by Cary Grant). Hildy is about to marry again, to the nice but dull Bruce Baldwin (played by Ralph Bellamy as a character so boring he 'is like Ralph Bellamy' - how Hollywood liked its in-jokes).

With that fire-cracking script, a sizable amount of sparks between Grant and Russell, and good support from Bellamy and a cast which includes Gene Lockhart, Cliff Edwards, Clarence Kolb, and Regis Toomey, 'His Girl Friday' is one of those classic gems which never age and which remain hugely entertaining.

The 1940 film His Girl Friday is often described as one of the best screwball comedies ever made

I have to admit, I like the character of Rory. He was a gay, his mom hated him because of that, he secretly have a relationship with his boss and it killed him, but he could broke the limit. I like how Rory developed. But in the contrary, I didn't quite like Lula. For me, she was not like any 17 years old girl, more like immature girl. Thanks God, she realized it and I'm glad with the ending of the story (even though the back and forth scenes confused me a little bit without its time explanations). And the sweet friendship between Rory and Lula gave this book an extra point from me -- like I've said above, in personally. It was not easy to have a bestfriend with opposite gender, but if you found one, without any romance in it, I believe it would be last forever.

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