(USSR, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea)

The social problems and provide the possible solutions and ideas to these gender inequality and sexism problems. Mention some theories and explain

C. Strong family relationships.

Von der Leyen chairs the EPP Defence Ministers Meeting, which gathers EPP defence ministers ahead of meetings of the Council of the European Union.

D. Influenced Chinese government and education.

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Respected sir i don’t have words to express my feelings regarding your present page. it reminds me the qualities of the genuine great teachers and you are one of them. May you have the same loves,wishes and feelings from all of students throughout your life.

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I think you also asked this in the other thread, so I hope you found the answer I provided there useful. If you didn’t receive that answer, let me know, and I’ll repost here.
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I have read your articles and responses to people’s queries and I can say that’s a great job you are doing. I am taking my MA-english and linguistics and would like you to suggest some interesting topics for research in discourse analysis or syntax. For discourse,I want to look at tourism. Your help will be appreciated.

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Hi Khair,
That sounds like a somewhat vague assignment. If you are indeed free to choose, then I would recommend that you pick a short online news article that sparked your interest recently, and that you then ‘test’ some of the work steps I have outlined above on that source. That should allow you to explore what a discourse analysis can do.

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Hey Paul,
If you wanted to do a quantitative analysis of word correlations, you could of course use statistical software like SPSS. I’ve not done any analyses like this with SPSS, but I see no reason why the software couldn’t be re-purposed in this way. That said, I would always recommend also including some sort of qualitative analysis, in which case you’d need additional tools in addition to the statistics.

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Just wanted to ask how you would explain in words the impact a news article can have that makes them seem more valid if it includes official crime statistics or direct speech from members of authority such as police etc on the issue?
Thanks! – Paige